Toasted Coconut Coffee

3 Ingredients
Under 15 min



Prep the Cold Brew

Spread coconut flakes evenly in the ¾-Qt./750 mL Casserole/Cover of Tupperwave® Stack Cooker. Microwave on high power 30 seconds at a time or until coconut flakes are toasted. Insert metal filter into the Cold Brew Carafe, combine coffee grounds and toasted coconut together, place into metal filter. Slowly pour filtered room temperature/cool water (min 33°F/1°C–max 77°F/25°C) into Carafe. Allow the water to filter down before adding more. This will prevent the coffee grounds from overflowing. Fill to water fill line (where the metal filter meets the plastic funnel). Refrigerate for 8–12 hours. Remove filter and discard coffee grounds.


To serve

Serve as is or with ice and desired cream and/or sugar.




Serving Size:

1 cup coconut flakes, sweetened
1 cup coarse ground coffee
Desired Filtered Water, min 1ºC/33ºF - max 25ºC/77ºF